DoubleClick Unveils Mobile Ad-Serving System, Upgrades DART Technology

DoubleClick Inc. is trying to reposition itself as an e-mail and ad-serving platform supplier — not just a product supplier — and hopes its new DART 5 and mobile ad-serving technologies will help it achieve that goal.

The company said it will roll out DART 5 today, after extensive beta testing of the redesigned ad-targeting and reporting system. For mobile and wireless ad serving, the company offers the mDART system, which is a platform that can serve text ads, images, SMS and click-to-call response ads. The company said customers can use the system as a sort of beta-test program for wireless ad serving and grow along with the industry.

DART 5 offers support for multiple ad types and sizes, including rich media, streaming, wireless and interactive television, according to the company.

DART for Publishers and DART for Advertisers feature an extensible markup language architecture and modular construction that allows it to be upgraded easily, DoubleClick said. The company plans to publish application programming interfaces to DART using its XML server.

According to Ebrahim Keshavarz, DoubleClick's vice president of product and business development, the company is evolving into a platform for digital marketers, rather than just a supplier of products.

“Our philosophy is to enable our customers to buy something once and let them extend it,” he said. “At DoubleClick we don't care which bullets you use, as long as you load them into our gun.”

Keshavarz noted that about 50 customers will begin using DART 5 immediately, and he expects the rest of DoubleClick's clients to come on board shortly. The company made upgrading a “no-brainer,” he said, by offering the upgrade for free.

DART 5 will be available in nine languages beginning next month, he said.

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