*DoubleClick Settles Lawsuits With Rivals

Internet ad firm DoubleClick said yesterday that it has reached a settlement with chief rival 24/7 Media and its Sabela Media unit, as well as with L90, another online ad competitor, in separate patent infringement lawsuits.

DoubleClick originally sued L90, Los Angeles, charging that its rival infringed on DoubleClick's DART technology for delivering targeted ads to Internet users. In response, L90 sued DoubleClick, accusing it of fraud and seeking to have its patent overturned. The L90 settlement was reached just before the two parties were scheduled to appear for a court appearance yesterday morning.

Both the DoubleClick v. Sabela Media lawsuit and the 24/7 Media v. DoubleClick case are expected to be dismissed with prejudice, according to a joint statement.

As part of the settlement, 24/7 Media and DoubleClick have agreed to “grant each other certain rights in certain of their respective patents.” The two New York companies stated that the terms of the release prohibited any further explanation or disclosures.

Like the Sabela settlement, the DoubleClick/L90 cases will be dismissed with prejudice, and each party will grant the other “certain rights in certain of their respective patents.”

Representatives of DoubleClick, L90 and 24/7 Media could not be immediately reached.

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