DoubleClick Offers US DMers Another Avenue into Sweden

NEW YORK – DoubleClick Inc., a provider of global Web advertising solutions, has launched DoubleClick Scandinavia, an Internet alternative for advertisers in Sweden.

The launch is a joint venture with Ad-It, a newly established and rapidly expanding Internet advertising sales company founded by a group of Swedish investors. Ad-It will be renamed Double Click Scandinavia.

The joint venture is the latest extension of the New York-based Web firm which set up DoubleClick Japan late last summer (see DMI Sept. 8. 1997, P. 16).

The new company is located in Stockholm and has sales responsibilities for Sweden, with an eye toward Norway, Finland and Denmark, international vice president Barry Salzman said.

“By building a global network,” Salzman said, “we're letting major advertisers centrally manage highly targeted global ad buying, while implementing localized campaigns in any worldwide market.”

In addition, he said, “we can help Web sites generate revenue from each of the major advertising markets around the world.”

For US direct marketers looking to break into Sweden, DoubleClick Scandinavia is modeled after DoubleClick's US network and is designed “to help advertisers use the power of the Web for branding, selling products and building one-to-one relationships with customers,” Salzman said.

These Web sites, he explained, cater to the Scandinavian marketplace “and have been structured to help advertisers and media buyers reach their worldwide audiences across multiple Web sites with one phone call.”

This call also provides customers with detailed integrated reporting on the performance of their ad campaigns, Salzman said.

Scandinavia, according to a recent survey from Infratest Burke of Sweden, is one of the world's leading Internet markets “in terms of per capita usage.”

Reportedly, the largest buyer of Web advertising in Sweden, CIA Interactive, has already signed on with DoubleClick Scandinavia.

“The best part of this partnership,” said Peter Bergstrom, managing director of CIA Interactive, “is that DoubleClick will bring a new standard of doing business to the Scandinavian market.”

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