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DoubleClick demonstrates new ad exchange at ad:tech

SAN FRANCISCO – While executives from DoubleClick were quiet on the subject of soon-to-be owner Google, they were very talkative about DoubleClick’s new advertising exchange that it is in road-show mode at the ad:tech San Francisco conference.

The new DoubleClick Ad Exchange was a year in the making. The exchange lets publishers sell unused inventory while allowing advertisers to choose specific blocks for a more targeted approach.

“We were hearing our publishers say that they needed access to additional ad dollars and the ability to maximize revenue on an impression basis,” said Michael Rubenstein, vice president at DoubleClick. “Twenty-five percent of inventory goes unsold and this is largely undervalued.

“Advertisers want access to the world’s leading publishers and the ability to target media buys at a scale price,” he said. “So the exchange allows both parties to get what they want.”

The new exchange creates a transparent marketplace where publishers can enable the dynamic allocation of certain inventory for exchange at the highest price. In turn, advertisers can be selective and purchase the specific inventory that they want. And publishers can still retain charge of their brands with a control feature.

“A key element is control,” said Scott Spencer, vice president of product management and ad serving solutions at DoubleClick. “Buyers can block certain sellers and can create a private exchange if they wish. This gives brands control over who they sell ad space to.”

Sellers can also offer inventory anonymously, while still revealing details about customers.

“For direct marketers, this exchange allows for a high-yield inventory that lets them create messaging that is more relevant to consumers,” Mr. Spencer said.

DoubleClick would not mention which publishers are using the exchange, but there are 35 combined publishers and advertisers currently using the service. Media Contacts is one advertiser.

DoubleClick will roll out the exchange in Europe later this year.

“Inventory is no longer pre-allocated, and this open platform allows for a dynamic area to be able to reach your audience more directly,” Mr. Rubenstein said.

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