DoubleClick Debuts Ensemble 6.0

DoubleClick Inc. is expected to introduce today Ensemble 6.0, a campaign management solution, at the National Center for Database Marketing Winter 2002 Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, FL.

Ensemble 6.0 provides a Web-based tool to track and analyze campaigns across multiple channels and optimize future marketing. The program is an upgrade to the Ensemble suite from Protagona Worldwide, which DoubleClick acquired last month.

DoubleClick will continue to develop Ensemble as a stand-alone product. Beginning with Ensemble 6.1, scheduled for release in 2003, DoubleClick also will integrate its e-mail solutions, and later its Abacus data capabilities, with the Ensemble suite.

Features of Ensemble 6.0 include a new user interface for improved usability, an open data architecture for accessing data from ad hoc sources, a real-time marketing module and desktop interface to access all modules within the suite, and a marketing resource management module for managing and coordinating all aspects of the marketing process.

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