Don’t intrude on my Twitter

When it comes to Twitter, quality trumps quality — that is, it’s not the number of followers you have, but how organic and interactive your followers are. On my own personal Twitter accounts, for example, I’ve already noticed how marketers completely unrelated to my interests are starting to follow me and offer me deals on everything from jewelry to sneakers. But if they don’t have any connection to my life, my work and my interests, I’m starting to block them — because their appearance feels fake and intrusive.

Twitter is already struggling to prove that it’s not a fad as low retention rates expose a loyalty problem (this blog entry on SearchEngineLand says it all)– and for marketers, retaining customers and improving loyalty is key. So improving marketer interaction with Twitter — sorry, 4,000 followers who you never interact with and don’t care about your product don’t count — is essential if this microblogging site is going to stick around for the long-term and not succumb to endless spam.

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