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Domino’s new “Pizzavestments” campaign focuses on startups

When you put a group of twenty somethings in a room, working on a project into the wee hours of the night, its highly likely pizza will be involved.  As it says in the below TV spot, “No one’s coming up with a world changing idea over halibut.”

Domino’s is cashing in on pizza’s ubiquitous presence in the startup world with its new campaign. Created by its agency CP&B, the “Pizzavestments” campaign has Domino’s sending out $500 Domino’s Pizza gift cards to 30 startups across the country. Along with the gift card, the startup receives a special case, with a letter and certificate signed by CEO Patrick Doyle.

“No one knows the power and possibility of a great idea more than Domino’s, having been the ones that truly revolutionized pizza delivery over fifty years ago,” said Russell Weiner, Domino’s Pizza chief marketing officer. “Gatherings that create great ideas often include pizza – and we want to do what we can to fuel the next revolutionary concept that will also continue to be celebrated fifty years from now.”

In addition, the company is also providing incentives for people funding startups on the crowdfunding site IndieGogo. In it’s “Powered By Pizza” campaign, contributors who give above a certain amount to a startup will also receive a $500 Domino’s gift card as a “perk” of being an investor.

Here’s the accompanying TV spot: 


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