Does Article Reflect DM News Standards? DM Industry?

It must be a slow period for news in the list area but I think DM News should use a little editorial discretion in deciding what to print and what not to print with the submission of an article. I’m sure DM News has a mission statement that reflects the standards each article must reflect. I would hope that David Avrick’s article (“Bad Credit, Good Names,” July 24) was accepted as an oversight.

Though there is a direct marketing segment of our industry that targets poor people (it was quite “educational” to learn from Mr. Avrick that there are two categories of poor people for credit mailing lists: those who are simply poor and those who are not as poor but may just be overextended and are in financial trouble), we know they are not doing this for any altruistic reasons. Rather, as described by Mr. Avrick, they are taking advantage of an economically poor segment of our society.

Is this the type of news that fits DM News’ editorial mission? More importantly, is this the type of news that really reflects our industry?

Among many generalizations stated in the article, Mr. Avrick went on to say that “Get rich schemes are particularly appealing to this group. They want to make money rapidly and without real effort.” He went on to say, “They are aware of the pitfalls of their current lifestyle and dream of having their own business making a ton of money from home (in their pajamas) or via vending machines while they are off having a good time.” In their pajamas! DM News should be embarrassed to run an article like this.

Jeff Kobil, Co-CEO, LDSGroup Inc., New York

[email protected]

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