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Do your mobile metrics measure up?

Do your mobile ad campaigns really work? What metrics are you using? Are those metrics telling you what you truly need to know?

It’s time to look at your mobile return-on-ad-spend in terms of your offline sales lift. This webinar will feature exciting new research and benchmarks based on nearly 100 national brand mobile campaigns run and measured over the past two years. The results will help tell you what to expect from your next mobile campaign, and from your vendors.

In just 60 minutes, you’ll:

  • Understand how to link mobile ad impressions with offline sales data to measure actual incremental revenue generated specifically by your mobile advertising.
  • See the benchmarks that enable you to compare your sales lift and return-on-ad-spend to other campaigns across several categories.
  • Learn five vital—and surprising—best practices based on more than 100 measured mobile ad campaigns.
  • If you’re ready to start benchmarking and optimizing your mobile campaigns by sales lift, don’t miss this eye-opening webinar.
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