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DNC Provider Patents Call-Blocking Service

Call Compliance, a provider of do-not-call list compliance services, won a patent for its new Teleblock system, the company said yesterday.

Teleblock prevents outbound call centers from dialing numbers on state, proprietary and third-party do-not-call lists. The company also supports telemarketing firms in obtaining and managing the several state DNC lists now active.

Telemarketers will not have to install any new equipment or software in their call centers to use Teleblock. Telecommunications providers will offer Teleblock as a service to their telemarketing customers, according to Call Compliance of Glen Cove, NY.

The company is offering the Teleblock technology to local exchange carrier and long-distance telephone providers. The identities of the carriers were not released, though Call Compliance said Teleblock is already being used by thousands of telemarketers.

Companies offering DNC-compliance systems have grown with the steady spread of state DNC lists during the past two years. Other companies offering DNC-compliance solutions include Gryphon Networks, Norwood, MA, and PossibleNOW, Norcross, GA.

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