Advertising Rates and Specifications

Advertising Units

Leaderboard 728 x 90 pixels
Franchise Button 120 x 60 pixels
Rectangle 300 x 250 pixels
Tower 120 x 480 pixels
1/2 Tower 120 x 240 pixels
1/4 Tower 120 x 120 pixels


Article Page (Per Day):
Leaderboard: $600
Franchise Button: 400
Rectangle: 600
Tower: 600
1/2 Tower: 350
1/4 Tower: 175

Article Page (Per Week):
Leaderboard: $2,500
Franchise Button: 1,500
Rectangle: 2,500
Tower: 2,500
1/2 Tower: 1,300
1/4 Tower: 700

Home Page (Per Day):
Leaderboard: $300
Franchise Button: 200
Tower: 300
1/2 Tower: 200
1/4 Tower: 150

Home Page (Per Week):
Leaderboard: $1,400
Franchise Button: 800
Tower: 1,400
1/2 Tower: 800
1/4 Tower: 500

Category Pages (Per Month):
Leaderboard: $800
Franchise Button: 400
Rectangle: 800
Tower: 800
1/2 Tower: 500
1/4 Tower: 325

Special Category Pages:
Include Lists & Databases Page, Search Results Page, Job Search Page, and Job Posting Page, all at the above Category Pages rates.

Category Page Discounts:
Deduct 10% from the above rates for a 3-month insertion, 15% for a 6-month insertion, and 20% for a 12-month insertion.

RSS Feed Article Pages:
Please call (646-638-6017) or write ([email protected]) for a quote.

Whitepapers of the Week:
$920 per week for a Whitepaper on Listed sponsors may link to a Whitepaper and registration page hosted by DM News (in which case leads would be provided weekly), or connect directly to a sponsor web site/page. Please call (212-344-0759 ext.274) or write ([email protected]) for reservations and production specs.

Closing Dates and Production Specs

Seven days in advance of publication for both insertion orders and acceptable artwork.
1. Looping limit: 3 loops
2. Ad creatives will be accepted using the following formats and/or Rich media technologies: GIF (static or animated), JPEG, Flash, Pointroll, & Enliven. Creatives using DHTML, Streaming Media, Eyeblaster or Java will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
3. Files must be 30k or less in size.
4. E-mail all ad creatives to: [email protected].
5. Insertion Order Number must be in e-mail subject line.
6. Click-thru URL must be specified in the message body.

Terms, Copy & Contract Regulations

See 2006 DM News Online Rate Card.

Print Edition Rates and Information

Online Rates and Information

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