DMNews talks with Kim Gnatt, VP of Internet at

Kim Gnatt, VP of Internet at, discusses how the foot- and lower body-care retailer automated its Web site’s cross-sell recommendations and increased revenue.

Q: How do you use cross-sell recommendations on your site?

A: We did cross-sell recommenda­tions manually prior to launching Coremetrics’ Intelligent Offer. If a customer looked at a woman’s san­dal, we would look at our database to see what other customers had purchased that sandal and what other items they had purchased. Then we showcased those items to this customer.

Q: Was that time intensive?

A: Our Internet and merchandising teams spent up to 20 hours each week implementing the manual uploads of the products. It wasn’t based on real-time data. Due to the seasonality of our business, inven­tory levels rise and fall, so having real-time product information is important — we don’t want to show out-of-stock products. We often bring lots of new products to mar­ket, so doing this automatically lets us quickly and efficiently get new products into the feed to showcase to customers.

Q: Are there other benefits to hav­ing this feature on your Web site?

A: It has allowed us to build credibility in our brand. We’re a problem-solution brand. If you have foot problems and you’re looking for a shoe to solve your problem, then you come to our site. We not only offer you the shoe you came to find, we offer other solutions that could meet your needs.

Q: How have your cross-sell rec­ommendations changed recently?

A: We upgraded to segment the type of cross-sell products displayed by location on the site, by featuring cross-sell products on our product detail page and our shopping cart page. This allows us to serve differ­ent products on each page — when our customers are at different points in the shopping funnel. We also allow people to write reviews and rate products on a five-star scale. We just started integrating the stars with the cross-sell, creating consistency from an iconography standpoint and adding cred­ibility and validity because they’re customer-rated products.

Q: What are the results so far?

A: We show a 7%-7.5% conversion rate, and we’ve seen a 70% rise in revenue. It’s the fourth-highest sales category on the site, generating up to $300,000 a month.

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