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DMNews talks with Kevin Chou, CEO, Watercooler Inc.

Watercooler Inc. CEO Kevin Chou tells DMNews about his post-Super Bowl Facebook campaign to drive sales of Pittsburgh Steelers’ gear

Q What was unique about this Face­book campaign?

A Essentially, Team Fan Shop wanted to create awareness to sell a new lineup of championship merchandise for the winners of the 2009 Super Bowl, so two campaigns were created: one for the Pittsburgh Steelers and one for the Arizona Cardinals. It was really interest­ing in terms of execution from our end because the creative had to be dynamic. It was dependent on the event so we had to have either campaign ready to go really quickly. The campaign went live two hours after the game ended.

Q How was the campaign executed?

A Team Fan Shop’s creative took over the ad space on our Steelers homepage for the week following the Super Bowl. The ads also went out in Watercooler’s Steelers’ newsletter that goes out to about 20,000 opt-in subscribers and fans of the team.

Q What was the user experience with the ads like?

A Users could click on the ads within the application or within the e-mail newsletter to be directed to Team Fan Shop’s e-commerce site to buy gear, such as jerseys and hats.

Q Why was Facebook a good way to reach Steelers fans?

A On our specific Facebook com­munity, only 65% of the self-identified Steelers’ fans are in the Pittsburgh area. The other 35% are displaced across the United States. So this was a great way to reach people who live in places like LA or DC who are using the application. Those people don’t have the ability to run out to their local mall to buy Steel­ers’ merchandise. It also allows those in the Pittsburgh area to shop online for a large assortment of products.

Q What were the most compelling results?

A Team Fan Shop’s ads got over 600,000 impressions in the first week. And in the two weeks following the launch, they got over $30,000 in sales of Steelers’ merchandise. The average order was also higher than usual ? $57.

Q Are you planning future initiatives?

A Absolutely. Team Fan Shop sees these Facebook fans as a passionate demographic that they could reach out to again. Looking at this from a metrics standpoint, we plan on working together again going forward.

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