DMNews talks with Juan Ribero, marketing coordinator at

Juan Ribero, marketing coordinator at, talks about working with Sitebrand to make selling cables, wiring and IT products more personalized using Web analytics.

Q: Why did you decide to use Web analytics to create a more personal experience for visitors to your site?

A: Web analytics, in general, is the best way to use the traffic that you have in the most efficient way to make the experience more personal­ized and increase sales.

Q: So why was segmentation so important?

A: We knew that we really needed to start segmenting. Our conversion rate was the industry standard, but there was a lot of money being left on the table. E-commerce is in such an early stage that a good business will have a 2.3% conversion rate. But, if you think about [a company such as] Best Buy, if only two of every 100 customers purchased, they would be in big trouble. So, we were trying to find out where our site’s users were coming from, find out as much about them without asking, and show them a format of the Web site that would most likely satisfy their needs and get them to convert.

Q: What strategy was used?

A: There are different tactics that are applied for different stages. One thing we use is the geolocator. International customers have differ­ent concerns than domestic ones, so we create pages based on where the IP address is. Shipping becomes a concern because of timeliness. If I was purchasing from somewhere in the UK, I wouldn’t expect them to get it to me fast, but sometimes we actually can [get a shipment in a more timely manner.] So now, if you are coming to our site from a certain area in, say, the UK, the homepage will show a banner that says, “Click here for UK shipping overview,” or something along those lines.

Q: How has using Sitebrand increased your relevancy?

A: We are now getting 85% to 95% accuracy in our creative, and this has helped increase conversion rates by almost 10% against control groups. And, in general, we’ve increased our average conversion rate to 3%.

Q: What is the key takeaway from the campaign?

A: Creating a personalized experi­ence for a customer makes it more relevant to them. And, if the experi­ence is more relevant to a customer, then he or she is more likely to buy.

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