DMNews talks with Eric Harber, President and COO of HipCricket

Eric Harber, president and COO of HipCricket, discusses how Jiffy Lube added mobile coupons to its radio ads on KCCQ, a radio station in Ames, IA, to increase engagement

Q: What was Jiffy Lube’s goal with this mobile campaign?

A: The objective was to acquire new customers and trace their activity through trackable mobile coupons.

Q: Why was mobile the ideal channel?

A: The interactivity that mobile brings to traditional media and measurability was a big factor. Mobile has the ability to take those two things and create clear ROI. Jiffy Lube was looking to increase this ROI and also to create a database for future offers for its consumers. At the end of the day, it wanted to be left with a database to which it could reengage and remarket in a direct fashion. Additionally, because the database is fully permission-based, it is basically someone raising their hand and saying, “I would be willing to engage with Jiffy Lube under these terms.” So you have someone that is highly interested, highly qualified.

Q: Why did they tie mobile to radio?

A: KCCQ proposed a mobile extension to Jiffy Lube’s radio schedule. It felt that this would drive sales and allow for increased measurability and create a two-way dialog. Jiffy Lube felt the same way, and thought that it would make its radio dollar spend work harder.

Q: How did it work?

A: KCCQ did 15-second spots giving the listeners the chance to win free oil changes for a year. Each listener who entered the contest received a coupon via text message that included discounts on oil changes, wiper blade, tires rotations and filters, and the like.

Q: What was the response?

A: Jiffy Lube was able to generate many new customers. In fact, 50% of people that redeemed the mobile coupon were entirely new customers. It was ecstatic about the results because it was looking to increase sales and to build this database for ongoing interaction with prospects.

Q: What does Jiffy Lube plan to do with this new database?

A: It is going to use this as an opportunity to re-engage these people and continue to provide offers of interest and value to that consumer base.

Q: What are the key takeaways from this campaign?

A: We were happy to help our partner KCCQ and its advertiser Jiffy Lube to do so well. We want to help brands take advantage of the power of mobile to create a direct connection with consumers.

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