DMNews talks with Brand New World CEO Alan Feldenkris

Alan Feldenkris, CEO ofBrand New World, discusses a viral migraine awareness campaign he did for Johnson & Johnson

Q What was the idea behind the “My way with migraines” campaign?

A The central idea was to use the empathy and experiences of fellow migraine sufferers to educate, connect and motivate people to take action to stop their migraine suffering and regain their quality of life. The target audience was made up of proactive, busy, positive women who must work around their often debilitating migraines.

Q How did it work out?

A The video testimonials at the center of the campaign drew people in, and the time spent with these videos was quite strong. Additionally, the calls to action on helped people get more information or download prescription vouchers that they could then take to their physi­cians’ offices.

Q What was the response that came out of the campaign?

A The primary metric from this cam­paign was the cost per download of a voucher for a prescription discount. This campaign had a very positive affect on this measure, lowering the cost per download by more than 25%.

Q What did the campaign offer in terms of reaching physicians?

A The campaign worked in a truly cross-platform manner — it delivered electronic assets not only for the con­sumer digital campaign, but also for the professional campaign. Sales personnel were able to use these testimonials to reach out to physicians.

Q What are the key takeaways from the campaign?

A We could create very real, compelling stories about peoples’ experience with a medication, and have those stories not only draw attention and viewership, but also drive meaningful metrics. In health­care and pharma, brands stand to gain by creating authentic, honest stories from customers and patients. People seeking information online will be drawn in by the honesty of these stories.

Q How will you apply the insights from the campaign?

A We already have leveraged the learn­ings from this campaign on behalf of three other brands [for] creative that can be deployed as advertising assets and microsites that seek to intrigue, involve and persuade the target to act.

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