DMNews speaks with Dan Jones, VP of events, Intersport

Q: What was the goal of the GMC campaign that you developed?

A: The goal was to get as many test drives as possible to a highly targeted audience. At the same time, we wanted to increase awareness of the brand. From July 4 to October 1 of last year we went to different Lowe’s home improvement stores in and around Nashville, TN each weekend and offered test drives of GMC trucks. We knew that the GMC consumer was also a do-it-yourself consumer, so a major hardware retailer like Lowe’s was a great fit.

Q: How were the Lowe’s test drives promoted?

A: Lowe’s delivered a lot of foot traffic on its own. But still, we supplemented the promotion with GMC street teams, who hit the town on Friday and Saturday nights promoting test drives on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. We offered $15 gift cards to Lowe’s for each test drive at events including fairs, horse shows, minor league baseball games and festivals.

Q: What were the results?

A: We delivered 3,000 test drives. Consumers also filled out business reply cards, which filtered back to dealers based on the location of the consumer. We delivered just shy of 5,000 leads.

Q: Are future initiatives, perhaps with other GM brands, planned?

A: This campaign was so success­ful that we expanded into two new markets in the beginning of 2008. My guess is we’ll be doing four to six more in the coming months. We are managing similar programs for Cadillac and Hummer across the Midwest and for Saab on the East Coast. Each program is slightly dif­ferent and tailored to the individual brand, but the goal to interact with a targeted consumer. For Cadillac, that may mean offering test drives to consumers at a trendy, elegant restaurant. For Hummer, it could mean interacting at an outdoor sporting equipment retailer.

Q: What insight did you take away from this campaign?

A: Consumers love to interact with vehicles. The incentives we provided combined with the engaging, low-pressure and intimate atmosphere that we created led to a high num­ber of test drives. We also drove foot traffic to the Lowe’s stores so it was a win-win situation.

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