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DMNews prepares second Agency Business Report

DMNews is looking for feedback from direct and digital marketing agencies for its second annual Agency Business Report. The magazine has prepared a questionnaire that covers all aspects of the creative agency business, from nuts-and-bolts information such as office locations and top executives, to opportunities for bragging rights such as top clients and key campaigns from 2009.

Last year’s Agency Business Report covered more than 70 key agencies from all facets of direct marketing. Agencies are not ranked: Boutique agencies will be asked the same questions as holding company subsidiaries. Companies of all sizes and capabilities discuss how they leverage the wide swath of accountable marketing tactics to grow their clients’ businesses.

DMNews is the leading publication for information about the agency world. This initiative, our regular departments like The Work and Nailed It, and the annual John Caples International Awards, are part of DMNews’ mandate to show top marketing executives the exemplary work coming from direct agencies. DMNews also creates several Essential Guides annually, as well as special features such as the recently published “30 Under 30” special section on DMNews.com.

For inclusion, click here or contact Web editor Kevin McKeefery at [email protected] to obtain the questionnaire and add yourself to this showcase of the direct agency community. There’s no charge to be part of the Agency Business Report.

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