DMNews’ Essential Guide to E-Mail Marketing: Editor’s Note

Generally satisfied, but overwhelmed. That’s the sentiment of most e-mail marketers, according to David Daniels, top e-mail analyst at JupiterResearch and the keynote interview in this edition of DM News’ Essential Guide to E-Mail Marketing.

This year we’ve got more than 50 of the nation’s leading e-mail marketing services experts to comment on the issues and opportunities facing e-mail – the ideal online vehicle for customer retention. The acquisition side still has challenges. But there can be no doubt that e-mail is entrenched in the online marketing mix alongside search, banners and rich media advertising.

Spending on e-mail marketing this year is expected to be slightly under $1 billion, per JupiterResearch projections. Though not as much as search, it’s meaningful enough to make a difference in customer outreach efforts.

That said, e-mail has its issues: phishing, spam, deliverability, clutter and declining open rates. Plus, there’s the issue of meeting requirements of prickly Internet service providers and e-mail box owners. It can be frustrating negotiating these shoals as the stakes grow higher each year for the consumer’s share of wallet.

Here to help readers are senior executives who handle campaigns for virtually every major e-mail marketer in the United States. Topics discussed within these pages include creative tips for copy and subject headlines, integration with other channels, crafting winning opt-in offers, gaining relevancy and winning trust, growing house lists, deliverability issues and the similarities and differences between online and offline direct marketing.

Also included is content on best practices for associations, health care and nonprofits, tips on optimizing transactional e-mail, post-click analysis, Web analytics with e-mail, using purchase behavior for relevant campaigns, designing e-mails, landing pages, subscription management and preparing for the holidays. And, of course, there are must-read articles on authentication, accreditation and reputation – the rally cry of the industry.

Several case studies exemplify these best practices and tips. Among them are BabytoBee, RE/MAX of Michigan, Tridel, Balance Spa, Road Runner Sports, Avenue You, Studio Arena Theatre and

Many thanks to the contributors and columnists who helped make this book a must-read and a year-round keepsake. Thanks also to art director Sophia Jongsurasithiwat and assistant production manager Robert Vaglio for their help and hard work.

The article to start with is Mr. Daniels’ interview on the state of e-mail marketing. Do please turn every page of this guide and feel free to e-mail those who’ve contributed to make this book essential reading.

The DM News Essential Guide to E-Mail Marketing is now available as a PDF file. Click on the link below to download it. You can also copy and paste the link into your browser.

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