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DMN Future Week: Keep Watching the Skies

Here’s a serious question for everyone.

How long ago would you have said that any of the following trends impacting everyday marketing efforts was just science fiction?

  • Robots
  • Virtual Reality
  • Smart stores
  • Natural Language Processing
  • The Internet of Things

That list could be a long one.  How recently did you think that you’d have the opportunity to identify and follow prospects and customers, not just from channel to channel and device to device, but from online, to in-car, to on-street, and around the clock?

The future arrived suddenly didn’t it?

Except, by definition, the future isn’t here yet. What that means is that one of our jobs, here at DMN, is to peer beyond this year’s excitement about AI, predictive marketing, identity graphs, and all those things which seemed like pipe dreams a few years ago, and try to discern what’s beyond the event horizon.

That means peeking at the role of psychology, at the dawning age of machines, at future kinds of customer behavior, and a range of other future parameters which will change the marketing world.

Welcome to the future.

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