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DMN Exclusive: Madison Logic’s New ABM Platform

Last year, the buzz about where account-based marketing (ABM) was heading had to do with “full funnel ABM.”

Tomorrow, Madison Logic officially announces “integrated and global” ABM through their new ML Platform. B2B marketers and sales teams are brought closer together with a single, integrated solution. With ML Platform (powered by the ML Data Cloud), synthesized first- and third-party data is used to prioritize accounts and move them down funnel efficiently with account-based management and measurement tools.

In an exclusive interview with Tom O’Regan ahead of the announcement, the CEO of Madison Logic told me, “There’s no shortage of ABM solutions [in B2B marketing].”

He explained, “Nearly every B2B company has transitioned to ABM in one way or another. The challenge is that there are too many point solutions, and it’s harder than ever for marketers to manage so many vendors and make sense from an ROI perspective.”

Using the ML Data Cloud, marketers can zero in on top accounts.

“On the ML Platform, account identification, multi-channel engagement, advanced measurement and personalization form a complete solution that’s integrated and global,” O’Regan stated. “We have the individual attributes of so many of the point solutions and make it easier and more predictable in terms of the growth we can achieve.”

ROI efficiency is achieved through the integration of CRM and MAP data, as well as dozens of other datasets, which all effectively target marketing spend at those accounts that are actively researching and showing intent to purchase.

“Marketers can engage the entire buying committee across multiple channels and measure cross-channel engagement throughout the sales and marketing funnels from a granular, account-level perspective,” said O’Regan. “This enables the sales organization to effectively communicate the right message to the right contact at the right time. With this data, marketers can optimize their messaging at every stage of the funnel and accelerate account velocity by leveraging website activity and email nurture via bi-directional integrations.”

One key to effective communication when using a data-driven ABM solution today is the level of personalization the solution can deliver. The ML Platform offers a proprietary feature, Journey Acceleration, which enables marketers to personalize messaging across ABM Advertising and ABM Lead Generation programs. According to this new announcement, Journey Acceleration covers every stage of marketing and sales, making it a full-funnel, personalized ABM solution.

The solution also enables the same marketing and sales teams to optimize content and messaging, all in an effort to drive accounts down the funnel further and faster.

O’Regan told me that enabling marketers to personalize content and messaging via Journey Acceleration is one of the biggest and most exciting aspects of the new ML Platform, especially because of the importance of content marketing in the B2B marketing landscape.

“Content marketing plays an incredibly important role in B2B marketing today, especially when it comes to ABM,” said O’Regan. “Ensuring that you deliver relevant content at the right time to your target accounts is one of the most important factors in B2B marketing success. Relevant content is data-driven and based on a deep understanding of personas, research interests and media consumption within target accounts. The ML Platform integrates this data from first-party sources like Salesforce and marketing automation software with dozens of other data sources.”

Ultimately, the data must be accessible for both marketing and sales strategies.

“Finding the right accounts and engaging them is a great start – but if sales doesn’t see the information, what’s the point?” O’Regan asked.

He said, “The ML Platform has account specific measurement that’s valuable for the marketer but essential for sales as well. Sellers can see how their prospects are engaging with marketing messages across channels and have more appropriate and relevant conversations, ultimately accelerating the pipeline.”  

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