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DMN 40Under40 2018: Kathryn Loheide, Head of Global Digital Marketing, Cheetah Digital

This year’s group of DMN 40Under40 winners have a few things in common. Well yes, they’re under 40. Also they have a proven track record of marketing excellence and leadership, whether they’re in roles supporting global brands, or leading their own thriving start-ups. Over the next few weeks, you’ll get to know our winners, and what they’ve accomplished. 

DMN 40Under40 2018: Kathryn Loheide is the Head of Global Digital Marketing at Cheetah Digital

What has been your proudest career accomplishment to date?

In my role as Vice President of Marketing at Octiv, I was able to transform the marketing program into a demand generation engine focused on driving the business and delivering results. I am most proud of this because as a brand marketer, focusing on demand generation and sales development really stretched me and forced me to quickly develop those skills. This marketing transformation played a big part in the strategic exit of the business, which was acquired by Conga.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to future 40Under40 honorees?

Embrace ambiguity and work with people you respect and enjoy. Many of the roles I have stepped into have been new roles to the company and that has served me well. Identifying gaps in the business and working to fill those gaps has allowed me to work on projects outside of my job description and continue to take on additional responsibilities. It has also made me a better marketer and professional. Being open to new opportunities has also allowed me to work with a lot of incredible people who have mentored me and made me better professionally and personally. Life is all about the people and if you aren’t working with people you trust and enjoy, what’s the point?

What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years?

In the next five years, I intend to be working on new and interesting projects with people I respect, trust and enjoy. For me, it’s all about learning new things, driving outcomes, and having fun while doing it. I also plan to continue having fun with my husband raising my two daughters and watching them grow.

What is one interesting fact about you that few people know?

In my 20’s I worked as a journalist at CNN. It was such an incredible experience seeing worldwide events happen before my eyes all day. My belief that a free and open press is a cornerstone of democracy has never wavered since that time.

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