DMN 40Under40 2018: Edward Kennedy, Senior Director, Commerce, Episerver

This year’s group of DMN 40Under40 winners have a few things in common. Well yes, they’re under 40. Also they have a proven track record of marketing excellence and leadership, whether they’re in roles supporting global brands, or leading their own thriving start-ups. Over the next few weeks, you’ll get to know our winners, and what they’ve accomplished. 

Edward Kennedy is the Senior Director, Commerce at Episerver

What has been your proudest career accomplishment to date?

I am proud of the work that we have done in recent years at Episerver to elevate our knowledge of digital commerce solutions and develop our offerings in that market. Episerver was the first to coin the phrase Experience-Driven Commerce which came after a cross-functional strategy project which I led internally at Episerver. Now, many of our peers and industry analysts have adopted this idea and terminology as a key principle in meeting customer expectations when they shop online. I’m proud to have contributed to the shaping of a new idea in the market.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to future 40Under40 honorees?

If you’ve been recognized as a 40 under 40, you’re probably pretty bright. Don’t let that go to your head. Stay humble without losing ambition. I’ve found this balance by keeping my focus on serving others (my colleagues, my customers, my company, my country). One of my favorite spiritual teachers, Marianne Williamson calls this a shift from “sales to service”.

What do you hope to accomplish in the next five years?

I hope to use my talents and gifts with others to bring about a permanent shift in how businesses incorporate sustainability, social justice, and ethics into their business models. I intend to begin providing personal and professional development programs for executives, community leaders, and entrepreneurs to empower them to express their true, authentic power free from survival or scarcity mind sets.

What is one interesting fact about you that few people know

I am a certified yoga instructor. I have also led transformational seminars for thousands of participants around the world to improve the quality of their lives and the impact they have on their communities and society through many non-profit projects that each student launches in my seminars.

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