DMA Unveils Software to Calculate Marketing Allowable Cost Per Order

CHICAGO — The Direct Marketing Association unveiled a new software program at its fall show that will allow marketing professionals to calculate their allowable cost per order from their desktops.

The ACPO model was created to provide marketers with a tool to estimate revenues, costs, profits and quantities to be sold with new accuracy, according to the DMA.

“Now more than ever, the ability to accurately manage risk and forecast costs is vital to the success of any business,” said H. Robert Wientzen, president and CEO of the DMA. “The ACPO software will arm direct and data-driven marketers with the information they need to focus on their bottom line and ensure end-of-campaign profits during an economic downturn.”

The software, created by Wunderman Worldwide founder and direct marketing strategist Peter J. Rosenwald, allows marketers to:

— estimate their total test and roll-out expenses and profits.

— calculate return on promotional investment by medium.

— analyze test results and perform attrition calculations.

— create output reports on each medium used in any campaign.

— the quantity of products required for each shipment of a subscription or a continuity club program.

— a summary of all revenues and costs of both the test and potential roll-out.

— performance comparisons of tests and rollouts against marketing plans.

The DMA said this is the first software program of its kind.

The DMA's ACPO software costs $495 for DMA members and $595 for non-members. It can be obtained by calling the DMA Book Distribution Center at (301)604-0187 or online at

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