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DMA to reorganize special-interest councils

The Direct Marketing Association plans to restructure the operating committees on its 19 special-interest councils this fall.

The current operating committee will become an advisory committee for each council. The aim of the advisory committee will be to provide ideas and elevate the discussion on each special-interest council.

“We want to develop a more strategic thought-leadership process within each council,” said DMA president/CEO John A. Greco Jr. in an e-mail to members.

Broadcast, retail marketing and circulation are examples of the 19 special-interest councils. Each council has a specific mission and its own goals.

The advisory committees will advise DMA staff on key issues and questions that are current in each committee’s special interest sector.

Each committee will serve as a “counsel from the councils,” Greco said, adding that the “expectation is that we’ll raise the level of dialogue on substantive issues that connect each council to the overall direct marketing process – for the benefit of all.”

The reorganization will take place November 1.

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