DMA Submits Presidential Commission Comments to Senate Committee

The Direct Marketing Association urged Congress yesterday to adopt a comprehensive approach to postal reform encompassing the recommendations of a report by the President's Commission on the U.S. Postal Service.

In the letter, submitted to the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, the DMA said it thinks commission recommendations such as rightsizing its infrastructure, workforce and service offerings should be foremost among the changes enacted by Congress, along with incorporating a flexible, incentive-based rate-setting process.

However, the DMA said it is “cognizant of the need to distinguish between matters of operational efficiency and public policy and the need to determine the appropriate degree to which the Congress should delegate authority in these arenas.”

The DMA also said it supports a recommendation by the commission that concluded the $27 billion associated with the USPS funding of the Civil Service Retirement System benefits earned by employees while serving in the military should be borne by taxpayers, not ratepayers, as is the case for all other federal government entities.

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