DMA Plans Sender-ID Webinars

The Direct Marketing Association will hold one-hour online informational sessions to explain the details of Sender ID, the e-mail authentication technology set for adoption by AOL, Microsoft and EarthLink.

The DMA and its subsidiary, the Association for Interactive Marketing, will hold the Webinars on Aug. 18-19 to address the idea behind Sender ID and what marketers need to do to comply with the authentication standard. Speakers will include representatives from AOL and e-mail service provider Bigfoot Interactive. The DMA's chief lobbyist, Jerry Cerasale, will give an update on the regulatory outlook and how e-mail authentication fits in with it.

Sender ID has emerged as the dominant technology standard for e-mail authentication, which aims to fix a flaw in the e-mail architecture that lets senders easily disguise their identity. The protocol is a merger of Microsoft's Caller ID technology and the open standard Sender Policy Framework technology.

Sender ID will be presented Aug. 4 to the Internet Engineering Task Force, the Internet standards body. In June, AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo and EarthLink agreed to test both Sender ID and DomainKeys, a content-signing authentication technology championed by Yahoo.

Sender ID looks to have the best chance of early adoption. More than 20,000 domains publish SPF records, and most major e-mail service providers have done so.

The DMA-AIM Webinars cost $49 for DMA/AIM members and $99 for others. Registration is available at the DMA's Web site,

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