DMA Lets Web Visitors Download Event Data to PDAs

The Direct Marketing Association now offers a service that lets visitors to its Web site download event information to their electronic calendars or PDAs.

“It's a lifestyle feature, in that with a click you can download information about the event, such as the date and the time, right into your personal calendar,” said Robert Blakely, director of Internet development at the DMA. “So if you're going to the DMA annual convention, for example, you can click on the icon, plug it in and you're scheduled.”

Visitors to the DMA's Web site,, can access the service by entering the events section on the home page. The service, which is powered by on board, London, does not allow users to register for events.

The DMA discussed the service yesterday in two of its e-mail newsletters, though it has been available for two weeks. The association will promote the service offline as well through its offline monthly newsletter, Membership Matters, Blakely said.

Blakely said the DMA would debut another service for members in two weeks. Along with technology provider Estara, Reston, VA, it will offer real-time customer service via an operator to Web visitors who need assistance becoming members or registering for events and conferences.

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