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DMA Issues Fax Guidelines

The Direct Marketing Association released guidelines yesterday for complying with the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act rules on broadcast fax advertising.

The TCPA, which is implemented by the Federal Communications Commission, bans unsolicited commercial faxes, both for consumer and business-to-business marketing. The DMA's fact sheet, titled “A Matter of Fax: What Direct Marketers Need to Know About Sending Faxes,” explains the TCPA fax rules in a question-and-answer format.

Access to the guidelines is available for no charge at www.the-dma.org/cgi/dispissue?article=47.

The guidelines show the direct marketing industry's resolve to ensure its members abide by federal regulations, said Patricia Faley, the DMA's vice president of ethics and consumer affairs. Last week, the FCC voted to consider bolstering its telemarketing rules, possibly including a national do-not-call list and increased regulations governing fax broadcasting and abandoned calls.

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