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DM Retention

DM Retention


Flickr book / Single consumer

Agency: Jung von Matt AG
Client: Daimler AG

Mercedes-Benz automobiles generally inspire a great amount of pride in their owners; people love talking about and showing off their Benzes. That’s why this campaign from agency Jung von Matt AG, hosted in photo-sharing site Flickr, is so effective: it captures the love regular folks from around the world have for their wheels. In 2008, Mercedes-Benz sent out a series of Flickr photos featuring the iconic automobile from amateur and semi-professional photographers from around the world as part of its “Random Act of Kindness” mailing. This was a retention mailing sent to the car company’s prime customers, not meant as an advertisement for a particular product. Instead of sending snazzy images of the latest model, or some package filled with bells and whistles, Mercedes-Benz allowed its best customers to see how their fellow owners see their cars; in a style that is completely unvarnished and unique. When you add in Flickr users’ comments about the pictures they post, it gives a real insight for Benz owners into why other owners from around the world love their particular Mercedes-Benz. In turn, it likely made the recipient of the direct mail piece reflect on why they love Mercedes-Benz, and what their automobile means to them.

Creative Director Art
Andreas Summ

Creative Director Text
Michael Matthiass

Senior Copywriter
Daniela Krause

Art Director
Ina Ernesti

Executive Creative Director
Wolf Heumann
Dirk Haeusermann


Up Front / Single consumer

Agency: Wunderman Germany
Client: Lufthansa Germany

Lufthansa Germany wanted its Miles & More mem­bers to feel special. The hurdle was that though the frequent flier program offered good awards, the competition did too. Wunderman created a direct mail piece which presented a special award, two free upgrade vouchers and a little note that read, “a thank-you for your loyalty.” The note came in an envelope with an airplane on the outside in the style of board­ing passes. Afterward, 5% of the recipients checked their miles balance and about a third of the vouchers were traded in through the end of 2007.

Executive Creative Director
Erik Backes

Creative Director
Cornel Frey

Senior Art Director
Melissa Seelig

Creative Supervisor Copy
Gregor Burk

Chief Creative Officer
Bernd Fliesser


Gardener’s Friends / Single consumer

Agency: Proximity London
Client: Volkswagen

The Golf Plus, Volkswagen Golf’s larger sibling, has a great market share of young families. But since this traditional market is saturated, Proximity London was challenged with how to reach a new audience. Enter the Gardener’s Friends campaign. The idea was to reach consumers in the 50-plus market by pushing the car as a great tool for gardening, a popular hobby among baby boomers and seniors. The campaign focused on the roominess of the car and how it can fit all kinds of gardening tools, from packets of seeds to lawnmowers. The car was pushed as a “new friend” to this audience through direct mail, which included a hardcover, illustrated book of gardener’s friends, and urged recipients to take a test-drive. The mail saw an 11% response rate, making it Volkswagen’s most successful DM campaign ever.

Also placed Bronze in the DM Flat category.

Chris May

Art Director
Mark Dudley

Production Manager
Graham James

Also placing bronze

Chocolate letter
Agency: Proximity London
Client: Royal Mail


Ted Talks
Proximity London
Royal Mail
Executive Creative Director
Duncan Gray
Digital Creative Director
Jonas Lembke

You’ve Got Mail
Proximity Portugal
Mercedes-Benz Portugal
Creative Director
Nuno Duarte
Art Director
Rute Sousa

Carrot in a Towel
Red Urban GmbH
BSH Kochschule No. 1
Creative Director
Andreas Klemp
Art Director
Judith Baumgartner

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