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DM News' Deliver: Postal Customer Councils

Postal Customer Councils are a national network with 120,000 members that help the U.S. Postal Service add value to and make the mail work better for customers. Memberships in the more than 200 local PCCs range from fewer than 100 members to several thousand businesses and nonprofit groups.

But even a one-person, home-office business can find value from participating in a local PCC. Regular meetings, educational programs, mailer clinics and seminars keep members abreast of USPS developments. Members also work with local post office locations to make mail service more efficient, improving delivery.

The mission of Postal Customer Councils is to:

· Promote local cooperation and support of USPS initiatives.

· Foster a close working relationship between the USPS and business mailers.

· Share information and exchange ideas about new and existing USPS products, services, programs and procedures that affect business mailers.

· Help PCC member organizations grow professionally through focused educational programs.

PCCs provide a forum for mailers to discuss and resolve local mailing issues with their postmaster. They also serve as an avenue for members to exchange ideas on new postal service products and services. Members interacting at PCC meetings and seminars have developed many revenue-saving ideas.

The new PCC Network aims to transform PCCs into a premier network for customer education and training. Programs include a speakers bureau and business seminar series, a program designed to deliver do-

it-yourself education sessions. PowerPoint presentations are available on topics ranging from postage payment methods to suggestions to improve the quality of address lists.

For more information on Postal Customer Councils, go to www.usps.com/nationalpcc.

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