DM News to Launch I-Marketing News in March

The publishers of DM News, the world's leading publication covering direct marketing and related disciplines, have announced the formation of a monthly news tabloid, I-Marketing News, to debut March 1.

DM News has been covering e-commerce, e-business and Internet marketing for the last several years as an integral part of its industry-leading coverage in a weekly section called Web Marketing News. This section will continue to appear in DM News monthly, alternating every two weeks with I-Marketing News.

According to DM News president Adrian Courtenay, the new title is being created to bridge the communications gulf between two groups — direct marketing professionals and Internet professionals — who are increasingly finding themselves in the same business, though they come from entirely different disciplines.

“If somebody gave you a list that included Dell Computer, 1-800-Flowers, Lands' End and asked you what business they were in, direct marketing or e-commerce, you'd have to say both,” Courtenay said. “And you'd be right. But many direct marketers have been slow to warm up to the opportunities and imperatives of the Internet, while Internet and IT professionals have similarly failed to acknowledge the incredible relevance of the fundamentals of direct marketing to e-commerce and e-business. We're going to explain the Internet to direct marketers and direct marketing to the Internet people.

“I-Marketing News is a natural extension of the DM News franchise, reflecting and focusing on this important new direction of direct marketing while calling on the knowledge, reporting skills and direct marketing expertise that the professional journalists on DM News are uniquely qualified to bring to this exciting field.”

I-Marketing News will provide complete coverage of the campaigns, business models, strategies, successes and failures of the pioneering companies that are already engaged in Internet marketing, along with the efforts of the scores of catalogers, direct marketers, retailers, business-to-business marketers, Fortune 2000 companies and others that are developing Web sites and anticipating an ever-increasing percentage of revenues and profits from the Internet.

Other topics to be covered on a regular basis in I-Marketing News will include research findings on the Internet-related buying habits of consumers and businesses; legislative developments, court decisions and government regulations regarding privacy, the use of e-mail lists and other controversial areas; and ongoing coverage of associations, conferences and trade shows and what came out of them in the way of new ideas, new products and new ways of doing business.

Extensive coverage in every issue will similarly be devoted to Internet and Internet-related supplier organizations who represent the underpinning and infrastructure of e-commerce and Internet marketing. These supplier firms, who also are expected to represent the advertiser base of the publication, include firms involved in designing and developing Web sites, ensuring secure transactions, offering e-commerce software and systems, providing ad management systems and/or e-mail lists and databases, and developing the ongoing innovations that are fueling the growth of the Internet.

I-Marketing News will be mailed as a supplement to the DM News circulation list of 36,000 direct marketers and Internet marketers and their agencies. An additional list of 10,000 to 15,000 recipients will include corporate managers, CIOs, IS professionals, Web designers and developers and interactive agencies who specialize in Internet marketing and e-commerce.

As a member of the DM News Network of publications, I-Marketing News will offer combination rates and discounts to advertisers who run in multiple titles in the DM News family of publications, including the weekly print edition of DM News, which has repeatedly been selected by direct marketers in independent market studies as their “must-read” publication, and the monthly print editions of DM News International, DRTV News and TeleServices News, along with the daily Web site,

According to Courtenay, DM News is enjoying a banner year in which advertising rose by 418 pages (18 percent) in the first nine months, the largest page gain in the field. This large gain was fueled in large part by the professional coverage of Internet and Web marketing in the publication's weekly Web Marketing News section.

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