DM News spends a few minutes with John Taylor, president/CEO of Ecast

Q: How did you use jukeboxes to help VH1 grow its audience for its Hip Hop Honors?

A: VH1 wanted to encourage its music loving audience to tune in to the fourth annual Hip Hop Honors award show, which pays homage to artists such as Missy Elliot, Snoop Dogg and A Tribe Called Quest, among others. It turned to Ecast’s network of broadband-enabled touchscreen jukeboxes. The campaign was launched on September 7 and ran through the show’s premiere date, October 8. It allowed fans to interact with promotional content about the artists and the upcoming show. Fans were even able to request a text message reminder.

Q: How did you execute the campaign? What channels did you use and how did these channels best attract your target audience?

A: Ecast used DoubleClick’s DART Enterprise ad-serving software technology, its analysis of music selections and reporting and tracking software to analyze the entire network of more than 10,000 venues to identify each location by performance of popular genres, designated market area and main demographic type. Ecast presented VH1 with a list of more than 4,500 venues that were identified as prime locations frequented by patrons who prefer a large selection of urban music such as rap, hip hop, R&B, and soul.

Q: What worked about the campaign? Why?

A: Ecast was able to geo-target the campaign to effectively and efficiently reach hip-hop fans when they are in a relaxed, social environment. Its interactivity allowed for a two-way conversation with VH1’s target audience and the network’s message about Hip Hop Honors. Ecast was effective in generating fan interest in advance of the show.

Q: Can you give any specific metrics for the work?

A: Ecast maintained a steady 17 percent click-through rate through to the end-of-session screen and delivered 24,694,132 impressions.

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