DM News seeks content for Essential Guide to E-mail Marketing

DM News is issuing a call for submissions for its upcoming Essential Guide to E-mail Marketing, to be published on October 1.

This year’s guide promises to get to the core of the issues currently affecting the e-mail marketing world. Despite the sophistication of ISPs and e-mail filtering systems, spam is at an all time high. As image spam gets taken over by PDF spam, and new spam techniques are on the horizon, marketers need to have a plan to make sure that legitimate permission e-mail is delivered.

Authentication and building good reputations are key trends in the industry that have become the standard to building up trust with the ISPs and consumers. Web metrics is also increasing, as more and more e-mail service providers are giving marketers tools that help measure consumer behavior and in turn clean lists and send more targeted messaging.

With this in mind relevance is no longer just recommended, it is intrinsic to a good campaign and to getting a consumer’s attention in the ever-growing inbox.

DM News’ Essential guide will include original editorial and contributed pieces on the following:

  • Authentication and reputation
  • Deliverability
  • E-mail marketing campaigns
  • Compliance and best practices
  • Permission
  • E-mail Design
  • Rendering
  • Analytics
  • E-mail integration with other channels
  • Video in e-mail
  • Testing
  • Triggered messaging
  • Customer acquisition and retention

E-mail [email protected] with ideas and submissions. Pitches should include an indication of the subject matter. As well as contributed pieces, we are seeking strong, exclusive client case studies to feature in our original content.

Completed submissions should be no longer than 500 words and arrive no later than August 20. Final selection of articles included and the final edits of those submissions, will be made by the DM News editors. In addition to the October 1 print version, the Essential Guide will be available for download on

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