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DM News’ Essential Guide to Interactive Marketing Technology: Citrix Systems

Technology used: Ion Interactive’s LiveBall Enterprise software company

Citrix recently began using Ion Interactive’s LiveBall as a marketing tool. The company wants to use the technology to create and manage Citrix-branded landing pages, paths and lead-generating forms for online advertising and search campaigns.

LiveBall comes loaded with pages. The Citrix Web marketing team uses a Web-based form to access those preloaded pages and customize them by adding copy, images and files. The goal is to use the tool to create multiple versions and conduct tests to gauge which pages or paths garner the best results. A reporting system is available to glean results of the tests and of the overall campaigns. With these results in hand, Citrix can make real-time changes to the campaigns or pages for better results.

“The tool allows our marketing team to easily create and manage these pages without involving Web developers,” said Diane Kalmanowicz, director of Web marketing at Citrix. “In addition, we’ll be able to easily segment our traffic and quickly analyze the effectiveness of each traffic source so we can optimize our ad spend and adapt our campaigns accordingly.”

In essence, the tool will let Citrix easily build online campaigns, track results and modify campaigns in real time to optimize company spend. LiveBall software helps manage post-click marketing for online campaigns while offering a consistent, flexible framework for improved landing experiences. Also, Citrix marketing employees who manage online campaigns are being trained on the tool to launch lead-generating Web pages with A/Z testing.

Results: “We expect to segment and convert a higher percentage of our clicks because of the access to the real-time data and the ability to instantly adapt our campaigns to continually refine and improve the experience,” Ms. Kalmanowicz said.

Previous technology used: It varied based on the requirements of a particular campaign. Sometimes Citrix used an outsourced solution, other times a lead capture page on its corporate Web site. On some occasions, the company built ad-hoc pages for a particular campaign.

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