DM Leader, Lester Wunderman Launches I-Behavior

Lester Wunderman, founder of legendary direct marketing agency, Wunderman Cato Johnson, New York (renamed Impiric three weeks ago), announced Friday the launch of a new e-commerce venture dubbed, I-Behavior Inc., White Plains, NY.

I-Behavior is being positioned as a marketing data and information-based services company focused on helping businesses succeed in the expanding e-commerce arena.

“To thrive in the future, online marketers need to replicate and eventually surpass the best practices of conventional direct marketers when it comes to understanding, serving, and interacting with their customers,” said Wunderman, who will serve as I-Behavior’s chairman said. “Our goal is to be the one company that helps them do that best so they can become more profitable and more competitive.”

The company said it is offering on-line marketers the opportunity to participate in and access a co-operative database of opt-in consumer names. The venture will consolidate on-line and off-line purchase information to seve as the basis for analysis and targeting.

The company says it is also committed to adhering to contemporary privacy standards, promising to only target consumers who have given prior permission for the “limited and proper use of their names.”

The company is also making its records available for scrutiny by consumers as a means of insuring that their privacy is being adequately safeguarded and correctly catalogued.

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