DM Days New York Attendees: So Far So Good

NEW YORK – Was the trek to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center for the DM Days New York Conference & Expo worth it?

While the show’s no ad:tech – excitement, hype and promise of an online future – DM Days New York is the definitive local show for the list business, if nothing else. Here are the thoughts of some who braved the heat to press the flesh, exchange business cards, sit in on sessions and win some business.

Mike Becker, Northbrook, IL-based vice president of national sales at envelope manufacturer Mackay Envelope Co.:

“So far, as an exhibitor, I felt the traffic was good through lunch. I’ve met some decision makers, which is why we’re here. Our strength is companies who are mailing primarily in the Midwest, because that’s where we are.

“So the questions that we get asked as a supplier are more service related: Can we deliver on a timely basis? Do our capabilities meet their needs? And, of course, then they’ll ultimately want to know what our price is. We don’t mention that upfront. We let them ask that question.

“We have a significant amount of clients here even though we’re in Minneapolis [headquarters], Iowa and in Oregon.”

Ed Mallin, president of infoUSA’s Donnelley Group, a Pearl River, NY-based database marketing services conglomerate:

“I’ve always liked this show. I’ve been a big supporter. I believe it can be bigger and stronger. Here we are in the New York metropolitan area. There are so many companies locally, Internet related as well as more traditional direct marketers. This is a valuable show to support.”

On improvement:

“I guess finding a way to get the exhibitors, who are service providers and who are in essence funding the show, linked in a better way to attendees. We’re still too reliant on transient traffic. Although a good show is about the meetings you set up before and how you use the venue as your office. So we have an obligation to work the show. It’s a two-way street.”

Stephan Merkens, senior director of marketing communications at database marketing services giant Equifax Inc., Atlanta:

“There’s a lot of traffic … It’s on the same level as the DMA show for us in October.”

What does Equifax expect from this show?

Jennifer Costello, director of external communications at Equifax:

“We probably want to increase visibility for Equifax marketing services – all of our service offerings.”

Mr. Merkens:

“In the past it was always data. We’re trying to educate consumers a little bit more that we’re about solutions. That we can be seen as a technology company, that we can provide global information services.”

Linda Rubin, a principal at Rubin Response, a list brokerage and management firm in Schaumburg, IL:

“We’ve had some great leads already.”

John Murphy, vice president at Rubin Response:

“We have a lot of regional and not classical direct marketers. And we that that this show is really good at reaching those people. They don’t have a catalog. But they’re doing fundraising and lead generation. And that’s why they’re coming to the show.

“What we most sell is expertise. We have 10 brokers here – all highly specialized. We give them the best shot of what the list has to offer.”

Matt Mader, Teramedia Corp., an Orlando, FL-based list brokerage, management and data services firm:

“First day of the show’s been fantastic. Lots of qualified traffic. A lot of niche lists for people looking to promote. Obviously, we handle the brokerage side of the business. [We have dealt with] a lot of data service questions – hygiene, overlay of response data that we have, not just compiled.”

Brian Klais, vice president of search at Netconcepts, a Madison, WI-based interactive agency:

“It seems to be very print-centric. Seems well attended. I don’t see a lot of Web activity yet.”

Leon Henry, chief executive of Leon Henry Inc., an insert media firm in Scarsdale, NY:

“Got wonderful carpets [red]. There was a time when they didn’t have carpets. The reality is that the industry is not going back to the Hilton.”

Thelma Henry, co-founder of Leon Henry Inc. Mr. Henry is her husband.

“To me, since the DMA took over [DM Days], it’s a necessity to be here.”

On the venue:

“At the end of the day, you can’t get a taxi.”

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