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Disney Fuses Content and Influencer Marketing to Take Muppets Viral

Blurring the lines between content and influencer marketing, Disney commanded Twitter’s attention throughout Tuesday with news of the break up of fictional, though culturally iconic characters Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.

Though established long ago as a powerhouse marketer, Disney seems to have outdone itself with this latest bit of viral marketing savvy, which ostensibly serves to promote the company’s  upcoming Muppets TV series, which airs on ABC on September 22. Tweeters swarmed the network with #MissPiggy tweets, that eventually morphed into #Muppets.

While celebrity breakups and other gossip tend to naturally permeate social discourse, the case of Kermit and Piggy is likely unique in that the celebrities here aren’t real people. Yet, this piece of news evoked the same emotions as other high profile gossip events this week, with the added bonus of generating widespread awareness of a new product.

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