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Disney Baby combines e-commerce with social

The Offer: In an effort to create a brand-oriented social commerce experience for expectant and new parents, The Walt Disney Company rolled out DisneyBaby.com in January. The site is centered on what the brand terms “Disney Baby Magical Moments,” a tool through which users can upload photos and leave comments,
as well as share stories and “mom-tested” tips on everything from nursery design to birthday party themes. Visitors can also sign up for a free “Disney Baby Magical Moments Newsletter” that contains advice and coupons for discounts on Disney Baby gear.

The Data: The Disney Baby Facebook page, with more than 729,000 fans and roughly 29,000 “likes,” contains a call-out driving traffic to the site. Shout-outs on Twitter encourage Disney Baby’s more than 19,000 followers to share “magical moments” on DisneyBaby.com.

The Channel: According to The New York Times, Disney Baby is treading lightly into the marketplace, sensitive to the fact that some are critical of what amounts to marketing to the infant population.

The Creative: The site is organized around what Disney calls the “key moments” of the day when parents are bonding with their children. Merchandise is mixed with information-sharing to meld commercial and social experiences. For example, clicking on the “Mealtime” tab provides tips for introducing solids, while clicking on “Bath Time” brings visitors to the Nemo Bath Collection.

The Verdict:

Sarah Van Heirseele is VP of digital at Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide. She has previously done work for Procter & Gamble and BJ’s Wholesale Club, among others. Prior to joining Blue Chip, Van Heirseele taught advertising creative strategy at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Read our Q&A with Sarah for more.

Disney is smart to tap into the moms space by going beyond products to focus on lifestyle. The site is interactive, fun and engaging — similar to Pinterest. But the majority of the featured products are Disney brand. I’d recommend adding more general items and insights to the site so Mom has more reasons to use the platform on a regular basis.
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