Dish Network misses mark on static ‘offer’

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Talk about your “static” emails. On Jan. 2, Dish Network contacted a Direct Marketing News staffer who willingly agreed to accept emails from the satellite TV services provider. Poor staffer. The email’s subject line misleads the recipient to believe that Dish Network is making an offer related to the company’s partnership with Google TV (“Exclusive Offer — Google TV with Dish Network!) However, upon further inspection, the message provides two links that drive consumers to identical landing pages where more information is to be collected (“Complete the form below for a FREE Quote”), and no offers are made.

The email and landing pages boast of “Five Packages Under $50” but neither actually reveals what the packages might provide. If the consumer didn’t already know what Dish Network was, they’d have no idea based on the email as there is no branding other than a Dish Network logo. To top off the email’s horrid sales job, the legalese directly beneath the pseudo-offer reads as follows: “Prices valid for first 12 months.” Not bad, right? Until you read on and realize that any package you purchase “Requires 24-month agreement.” Oy vey!

As if the poor direct marketing tactics weren’t offensive enough, the email also has no people skills. It doesn’t reference the recipient’s name, despite the name’s appearance in the recipient line, and it doesn’t reference the fact that it’s the day after New Year’s Day

(Would a “Happy New Year Consumer!” line really have hurt the brand?)

Ever wonder why email opt-out rates continue to increase and open rates continue to decrease? Look no further than this un-targeted Dish Network campaign.

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