Discovery Channel debuts digital effort for ‘Deadliest Catch’ season six

The Discovery Channel launched a digital campaign to support the sixth season of its Deadliest Catch television series on April 13. Created by Omnicom agency OMD, the push includes e-mail marketing, an augmented reality game, display ads, homepage takeovers and social media.

“We are in our sixth season, so it is about refreshing people’s love for the show,” said Donna Murphy, VP of marketing strategy at Discovery Communications, the Discovery Channel’s parent.

The Discovery Channel is promoting the game to its e-mail list, as well as to fans on social networks and visitors to its Web site.

The augmented reality game, designed by Total Immersion, lets viewers virtually enter the world of crab fishing and catch crab pots while navigating treacherous seas.

“The idea was to take the viewer and surround him or her with the world on the boat, and that’s what got us into augmented reality,” said Murphy. “Our viewer loves gaming and is technically and digitally inclined. Digital is critical, so we are trying to do it in a really interesting way to get viewers on the boat.”

Discovery is also running 3D homepage takeovers on, and

The campaign will run for approximately six months.

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