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Direct Media wins management of Silkies Enriche insert programs

Direct Media has won management of HCI Direct Inc.’s Silkies Enriche Insert Programs.

The new programs will give marketers a chance to run inserts in the Silkies Enriche Ageless Moisturizer packages and statements, according to Direct Media, Greenwich, CT.

The Silkies Enriche Ageless Moisturizer is an anti-aging moisturizer for women to minimize wrinkles, boost firmness and make the skin look more radiant. It is available in the Rebuild formula for those over 50, Replenish for 40- to 50-year-olds and Protect for those between 30 and 40.

HCI’s insert offerings are Silkies Enriche New Starts PIP (965,000 annually) at $60/M; Silkies Enriche Step-Up PIP (870,000 annually) at $55/M; Silkies Enriche Multi Buyer PIP (300,000 annually) at $60/M; and Silkies Enriche Statements (1,442,000 annually) at $60/M.

The Silkies Enriche Ageless Moisturizer audience comprises mail order buyers interested in beauty, health, cosmetics, spirituality, reading and charity.

With an average age of early 50s, this female customer has some college education, works part- or full-time and has median household income of $43,000 a year.

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