Direct Media Offers Staples Lifefiles

Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT, yesterday announced the debut of the Staples Lifefiles with demographic, psychographic and lifestyle information.

Staples' file of 592,000 last-12-month buyers had data overlays to create three new lists with different selections.

· Staples Lifelines offers ethnic and religious categories such as Hispanic, Asian, European, African-American, Catholic and Protestant.

· Staples Lifephases is selectable by age and income as well as presence of children and ages of children.

· Staples Lifetrends has many interest categories including cooking, family, hobbies, travel, exercise, stereo, home video, sports and collectibles.

· General selects such as geography, gender and recency are available on these lists. Staples Lifefiles are 47 percent male and have an average unit of sale of $250. All three files have base prices of $95/M.

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