Direct Media managing As We Change file

Direct Media Inc., Greenwich, CT is managing the As We Change catalog file.

As We Change’s 80,000 buyers have purchased unique products to help women understand and manage changes associated with aging.

The catalog is educational and offers a number of anti-aging and solution-oriented. All the merchandise in its catalog and on its Web site has been selected to focus on women’s needs.

They sell merchandise like apparel, sleepwear, lingerie, swimwear, vitamins and supplements, stress relief items, health, fitness and exercise wear, and personal care products.

Usage indicates that As We Change will work well for mailers in categories including gift, apparel, general merchandise, health and personal care, travel, consumer book offers, health fundraisers, solutions and gadgets targeting this buying group.

Selects include recency, dollar, multi-buyers, gender, catalog requestors, state and ZIP.

Ninety-six percent are female over 45, with an average annual income of $75,000.

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