Direct Media manages upscale KooKoo Bear Kids list

The KooKoo Bear Kids list is now being managed by Direct Media.

KooKoo Bear Kids offers children’s furniture, bedding and accessories designed from a kid’s point of view. KooKoo Bear Kids things are available through their Web site, catalog or retail store.

The file is made up of 20,435 12-month buyers and 14,425 13-24 month buyers, comprising 35,000 responsive, young upscale families.

These buyers are mostly female, average age is 37 and average household income is $175,000.

This list targets the family whose world and outlook on it has changed dramatically in nine short months. They are looking for goods and services that will help them adapt to those changing needs.

New mothers are also an important part of the KooKoo Bear experience and gifts for the new mother include items that offer rest and relaxation. The KooKoo Bear customer is looking for unique, beautiful, reliable goods and services that will enhance her and her family’s lifestyle.

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