Direct Mail Key to Trump Fundraising Efforts

Donald Trump has spent heavily on direct-mail marketing campaigns, in an attempt to garner small donations supporting the Republican presidential campaign, according to a report by Bloomberg.

The joint fundraising effort between the presidential candidate and the Republican party, called the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, has raised an estimated $155 million in three months ended in September, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission.

In total, Trump Make America Great Again spent about $29 million on printing and postage for direct mail, the disclosure shows, and millions more on renting lists of potential donors.

Of the money raised, the committee has spent 37 cents of each dollar on expenses like postage and printing.

The overall joint fundraising efforts of Trump, which also include a group known as Trump Victory, spent 28 cents on each dollar, whereas his opponent, Hillary Clinton, and her joint committees spent 20 cents.

The difference in the two fundraising efforts is side effect of the campaign’s marketing strategies. Trump, who has touted his efforts to obtain little donations from “mom-and-pop shops,” seeks raising money at $20 or $50 at a time. In contrast, Clinton has predominantly relied on the legal maximum of $2,700.

These strategies of campaign fundraise marketing may help explain the gap between the candidates cash on hand. Clinton has $150 million in cash on hand, while Trump has an estimated $75 million.

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