Direct Mail Flat, 1-500 pieces


Temporary pants expander/Single business campaign

Agency: Cossette-Blitz
Client: Fusaro’s

While Fusaro’s, an Italian restaurant in Toronto, is a popular destination for lunch and dinner, the owners needed a way to let local businesses know that it also offers catering services.  Blitz developed a direct mail campaign targeting executive assistants and office managers at businesses in the general area surrounding the eating establishment. Recognizing that it wouldn’t be enough to simply get this audience to open any direct mail it received, Blitz set out to create a direct mail piece the 200 targeted recipients would want to hold onto for future catering needs. The agency used iconic Italian dining visuals such as a red checkered tablecloth to communicate that Fusaro’s authentic, home-style cooking stands apart from the food offered by other catering services, which can be boring and bland. While at first glance the piece looks like a depiction of a typical Italian table setting, it turns out to be much more upon closer inspection. It is actually a Fusaro’s “temporary pants expander,” made from red checkered cloth, which attaches to a pair of pants to let out the waist. It is supposed to drive home the idea that Fusaro’s food is so good, your guests won’t want to stop eating.

SVP, Managing Partner, Creative Director
Roehl Sanchez

Senior Art Director
Mario Cesareo

Creative Group Head, Copywriter
Pete McLeod

Associate Creative Director
Ago Guastella


I almost starred in Transformers 2/Single consumer

Agency: Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide
Client: Hicom-Chevrolet

As one of several auto-related sponsors of the film Transformers 2, Chevrolet needed
to convince editors from major auto publications to attend its premiere night viewing
of the film instead of screenings being held by other sponsors on the same night.  Tapping into everyone’s secret desire to be a movie star, agency Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide created an invitation that took personalization to new levels. It placed each recipient into the storyboard for a scene from “Transformers 2” as if he or she had originally been cast as the leading actor or actress in the film. Since the part obviously went to someone else, Chevrolet was offering them a free movie pass.  Out of 290 invitations mailed out, 286 recipients attended the premiere.

Executive Creative Director
Tan Kien Eng

Creative Directors
Theresa Tsang, Valerie Chen

Senior Art Director
Phianphon Sitichaidecha

Nik Faraliza

Lo Yew Joe

Ken Wong Woon Kian

Studio Manager
Fok Soop Chin

Production Managers
Ong Chee Hin, Liew Kam Yong

Recycled posters/Single business

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi DGS
Client: Westpac New Zealand

Westpac Bank wanted to walk the talk when it came to promoting its commitment to sustainability. Agency Saatchi & Saatchi DGS created a direct mail package that not only exemplified recycling through and through, but would also help the New Zealand bank support branch managers in their efforts to motivate staff to be environmentally conscious. The outer envelopes were made from the bank’s point-of-sale posters, an item familiar to branch managers. Inside the envelope was a sheet of recyclable stickers for reminding staff members to think green. A letter to branch managers about the sustainability campaign was printed on the reverse side of the sticker sheet in order to save paper. Westpac is considering extending the effort to consumer mailings based on its success.

Executive Creative Director
Mike O’Sullivan

Creative Director, Saatchi DGS
Matt Shirtcliffe

Art Director
Arnya Karitiana

Louise Studholme

Senior Art Director
Jeff Harris

Production Manager
Jo Marsh

General Manager
Sonya Berrigan

Group Acount Director
Ian Howarth

Account Manager
Wendy Brockman

Head of Retail Banking, Westpac
Ian Moody

Brand Manager, Westpac
Liz Byers


BMW Long Letter/Single consumer

Agency: Draftfcb, New Zealand
Client: BMW New Zealand

Diesel engines appeal to many consumers in these cash-strapped times because of their fuel efficiency. However, most well-heeled car buyers don’t associate economical diesel engines with luxury vehicles, a preconception BMW wanted to change among New Zealand consumers. Working with Draftfcb New Zealand, the car manufacturer sent upscale prospects a direct mail piece designed to demonstrate how the frugality of a BMW diesel can facilitate some good, old-fashioned decadence.

Executive Creative Director
James Mok

Creative Director, Direct
Tony Clewett

Rob Banks



The mirror of truth
OgilvyOne Worldwide GmbH, Frankfurt

IKEA, Germany
ECD: Michael Koch

We’re smoothing out the wrinkles
OgilvyOne Worldwide GmbH, Frankfurt

LFT, Lufthansa Flight Training
ECD: Michael Koch

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