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Direct Group uses ‘green’ data for new voter offer

Direct Group has partnered with environmental data and research company Earthsense to launch a new direct marketing product suite called Voter Insight Solutions.


Political parties, campaigns, causes, action committees, lobbyists and other nonprofit groups will have exclusive access to Voter Insight Solutions. The program will use data from Earthsense to add to and better segment Direct Group’s own national database of registered and unregistered voters.


“There are no other sources of this environmentally-conscious data on environmental issues, it makes the entire voter database a unique offering in the market,” said Ken Palma, VP of database marketing, Direct Group.


Direct Group is offering print-on-demand and other direct marketing services as a bundle deal to Voter Insight users. Digital print and e-mail messaging from the company will also be offered for separate lists of unregistered voters and new movers.


Palma said Direct Group also has plans to launch end-to-end services that include targeted lists, selection of digital collateral, and Web-to-print services. “In essence, we’re talking about more of a solution to support more highly targeted, lower-volume mailings,” he said.


The Voter Insight Solutions database, which touts itself as one of only three to contain information from all 50 states and Washington, DC, will show registration information and voter history, as well as geographic data, ethnicity, political and religious affiliations and behavioral interests.


Palma said he hoped the data would “appeal to not only political candidates from local, state and national levels but also to various lobbyists, organizations and nonprofits that are looking to connect with consumers who are active socially and environmentally aware.”


Earthsense measures consumer reaction to environmental issues. It has gathered responses to various questions from 30,000 adults across the US. Recently released results show respondents’ feelings on political candidates, green products, eco-friendly companies and other issues.


More than 240 environmental, health and other databases are included in Earthsense’s methodology, which also tracks conservation practices and purchase intent. These data are not proprietary to Voter Insight Solutions.



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