DIRECT CHOICE: Infiniti catches buyers’ eyes with personalized continuity mailer

The lease on my Infiniti is set to expire this year, so I’ll be in car shopping mode before long. Rather than notify me of the fact with a simple form letter, Infiniti caught my attention with an attractive package befitting a luxury vehicle brand. An outer folder enclosed by a metal fastener housed a welcome letter, a brochure introducing Infiniti’s 2008 lineup and a card bearing a special offer. Personalization in several areas included my name, the model I drive and my lease expiration date. I’m picky about what I open; most of my DM goes straight to the recycling bin. But everything about this package — from the heavy paper and rich colors to the tasteful design — made it clear it was a significant investment. It earned my attention. The piece isn’t perfect. I’m a car enthusiast, and I spotted several 2007 models among the product shots. But, as a first step in what is likely a months-long campaign to keep me an Infiniti driver, this package addressed all my posi­tive associations with the brand. I’m already intrigued to see what comes next.

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