Direct Agents adds mobile services

Direct Agents, a full-service digital marketing agency, introduced mobile marketing with its Direct Agents 3.0 services on May 1, enabling the agency to extend its core services onto a mobile environment, said Josh Boaz, managing director and co-founder of the company.

Prior iterations of its suite of services and technologies enabled the agency’s clients to initiate browser-based direct and digital marketing campaigns centered around display ads, search marketing ads and email ads.

This latest version includes partnerships with mobile publishers to drive installation of on-device mobile apps. Additionally, it includes mobile search-and-display capabilities and mobile tracking technology that applies analytics across numerous devices.

“Someone originating from a mobile browser might see a display ad, click on it and reach a mobile landing page that prompts them to fill out a survey or download an app,” Boaz said. “We can track all of that. By having [mobile tracking technologies], we can compel our advertisers to reach this growing sector in different ways.”

These tracking capabilities, Boaz said, also facilitate mobile lead generation.

“This picks up on our roots as a direct response digital agency,” he said. “The way a consumer interacts on a mobile landing page is different than a browser-based page. [Direct Agents 3.0] changes the [mobile] content, the flow, what content you ask for, the incentives for customers completing the forms.”

Direct Agents said it has optimized its services for mobile consumers because over the last 12-18 months, the company noted drastic changes in consumer behavior. Boaz cited an email campaign deployed 18 months ago as one example. The majority of emails in that campaign were opened in a traditional browser. “Now 40% to 50% of email is happening from smartphones and tablets,” he said.

Email opened on mobile devices has seen a sharp uptick in recent months. At the Email Evolution Conference in February, Jessica Harley, VP of customer marketing at Gilt Groupe, revealed that half of all the deal site’s emails to consumers were opened on mobile devices.

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